About TransLit

In 1991, a small group of translators in Alberta started TransLit which has since presented selections from the wide range of literature past and present in Canada and around the world with translations into English or French. The members of the Literary Translation Collective, almost all members of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA) at the time, were mainly full-time translators interested in literary translation.

TransLit has been produced with the support of the ATIA and the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada (LTAC).

Susan Ouriou edited the first two volumes (1992, 1994); Nesida Loyer the third and forth volumes (1996, 1999); Maureen Ranson the fifth and sixth volumes (2001, 2004); and Annick Geoffroy-Skuce and Carol Green the seventh volume (2006). The eighth volume is scheduled to be published sometime in 2011 by the University of Ottawa Press. Although the latest volume is being produced outside of Alberta, TransLit has come back to Alberta under ATIA starting with Volume 9.

Please use the menu above to see the table of contents for each volume. Some back issues are available for sale.

With much gratefulness to the past editors, supporting editors, contributors, and ― most importantly ― our readers,

Yukari Meldrum, ATIA Member, Certified Transltor
Editor of TransLit Volume 9